Towards the Issue of Reflexive Verbs in Megrelian and Laz

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Nato Akhalaia


In scholarship mophosemantics of reflexive verbs is quite understudied. The opinions about the genesis and functions of the prefix e differ. According to the traditionally accepted view, at present the given prefix is regarded as a marker of more newly-formed categories, namely, of subjective version and passive voice, whereas with the reflexive function it is evidenced only in a small group of verbs.

The paper examines some samples of the prefix e used with the reflexive function in Megrelian and Laz.

On the basis of the synchronic and diachronic analysis it has been assumed that in Megrelian and Laz reflexives with the prefix e are the result of the reflexivization of simple predicate structures: R-u-n,Cf. tqob -un>itqobun.

The paper argues that because of the specificity of their grammatical pattern reflexives in Megrelian and Laz should be separated from the category of voice; similar to potential, causatives and version, reflexives form a category closely linked with the voice. In reflexives the action of the subject is concentrated on the subject itself, i.e. the subject and the deep structure object are identical.

Published: Oct 25, 2022

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