Politics and International Relations

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Mamia Balakhadze


“Politics” is a combination of the Greek words “polis” (city-state) and “techné” (science) and means the science of governing the state. In the modern sense, politics includes all the ideologies, strategies or activities that are related to the governance of the state and its relations with other states.

According to Machiavelli, “everything is not political, but politics is interested in everything.” We can say that the politics covers issues of arrangement and interdependence of state bodies, economic, social, cultural spheres, foreign relations of the country, defense strategies and many other issues. Politics has its participants as well. First of all, of course, it implies politicians who participate or want to participate in governing the country, defining and fulfilling its priorities. As a rule, politicians unite in political parties or public movements, which define their vision of the development of the state in their programs. 


Politics, International Relations, Democracy, Political Regimes, Ideologies
Published: Sep 27, 2021

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