Critical Infrastructure Gradation

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Murtaz Gujejiani


Creating an artificial environment that meets the requirements of Critical Infrastructure in terms of total defense plays a major role in both its implementation - in case of emergency and in case of war. All significantly related to the advance preparation of infrastructure for emergency and defense operations.

In man-made, natural, and their combinations of emergencies and preparedness for future conflicts, it is essential to understand the wide and varied range of response actions. On the one hand, the preparadnis of Critical Infrastructure in the peaceful phase is vital, On the other hand to reduce the negative consequences in the case of emergencies.

During research Critical Infrastructure systems and facilities are grouped according to their status into 11 sectors and 43 subsectors. Subsectors and elements according to their functional types, it is possible to move from one sector to another through functional support or to be ranked in a new sector.

Total Defense, Critical Infrastructure, Sector
Published: Sep 27, 2021

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