The Principles Of A War - Why Nine?

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Davit Tevzadze


The notion that the principles of war are a guide to the conduct of war for all three levels of war is also found in the military doctrines of other countries. In general, the discussion of principles became an integral part of the European military space of thought after Clausewitz (1780-1831). Today, the principles of war are clearly marked in all doctrines as the basis for a practical approach to war and operations. Maybe over time, due to changes in the forms of weapons and war, the current list of principles may seem completely irrelevant? We can say that the topic of understanding the principles of war is not at all exhausted by the fact that their list, over the years, changes invariably from doctrine to doctrine, or from one version of the doctrine to another. In the study we will see that despite a kind of immutability, as it turns out, their content is highly conditional. Even though their number might sometimes remain the same.

Principles of War, Law of Economics of Power, Principle of Direction, Principle of Concentration, Principle of Partition, Principle of Determination of Force, Principle of Surprise, Principle of Sustainability, Principle of Mobility, Principle of Aggressive Action, Security
Published: Sep 27, 2021

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