How Important Is Sof (Special Operation Forces) To Modern Warfare? In This Technological Age, Is It Indispensable?

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Giorgi Laghiashvili


The 21st century’s main threat is terrorism and irregular warfare; to cope with these dangers an effective and powerful mechanism is needed. In order to neutralize these threats it is necessary for all countries to have well-trained and effective armed forces and high readiness capability. Special Operation Forces (SOF) is one of the effective and important elements of military power. SOF is very important to modern warfare and it is indispensable regardless of high technological achievements in the military industry. Discussing SOF functions, capability and its importance to modern warfare this paper will demonstrate that SOF is an excellent tool for dealing with future challenges, especially when the whole civilized world is facing the threats of terrorism and hybrid warfare.

Special Operation Forces, Hybrid Warfare, New Technologies
Published: Sep 27, 2021

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