„Gray Zones“ As A Factor Of Destabilization The Modern World Order And Challenging Of XXI Century

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Ketevan Meskhidze


The article provides the study of the latest development of the world political processes and the shift of global trend which were observed in almost every aspect of geopolitics. With the new phase of development, the world civilization, while adjusting to the new environment is experiencing the inevitable crisis largely characterized by depth, broad scale and unprecedented transformational changes in the world politics.

The world political process is viewed as a dynamic interaction of flexible mobility, variability, multiple objective and subjective factors that define the essence, character and vectors of world community development.

The world’s political contours themselves are changing radically. Recently, there has been an increase in instability and unrest caused by the apparent overload of forceful actions in world politics, making the scenarios of their interaction and future development processes more complicated and unpredictable.

The article underlines the ongoing changes in the new “world order” as well as factors fueling the destabilization of the “world order, specifically so-called “gray zones” and processes within.

There is no secret that at this stage the nature of threats has changed dramatically in terms of global, regional, and national security. A short time ago, during the “cold war,” the major threat was predictable conflicts and tension between the states, and the arms raise of two military-political blocs. However, in the last 20 years, in the context of globalization, the world faced the new phenomenon of transnational threats marked by unpredictability and putting in danger every country with no exception along with their citizens.

Gray Zones, World Order, Transnational Threats, Drug Cartels, Pirates, Terrorist Organizations
Published: Sep 27, 2021

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