The Importance Of Using Military Engineering Forces During Military Operations

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Zurab Samkharadze


Military engineers represent important pillar of armed forces. Regardless of the invaluable efforts of engineers, there is a significant shortage in the Georgian scientific society in this field. Promoting engineering discipline is important for attracting educated and talented young people. This paper describes main tasks of military engineers, highlights their importance at different stages thought history. The aim of the paper is to contribute to the Georgian scientific society and describe efforts taken by the engineers in order to promote this field.

History evokes many cases when, due to engineers’ engagement, events developed differently for the involved parties. History shows that it is often impossible to achieve defined goals based solely on armed infantry, as several factors are to be considered: terrain and power of the adversary. With the help of engineers, terrain is improved to achieve maximum efficiency of friendly forces and to deny opposing forces. Without engineering units, combat units would be much achievable target for opposing forces. Accordingly, the development of engineering capabilities helps to increase the country’s defense capabilities.

Military Engineer, Engineer Support, Terrain, Combat Capabilities
Published: Sep 27, 2021

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